Together 4 Rutland

Together4Rutland has a clear vision of what the group wants to achieve for our County


We want to work together with the Elected Members and Officers of Rutland County Council to deliver quality, efficient services for the residents of the County. Regardless of the rosette’s colour, we want to ensure the best outcomes for the whole County, making sure we have the best people in the right roles to deliver a better future.

Politics has become too prevalent within the Council, and we are losing sight of what is important – the residents of Rutland. We cannot guarantee we can make every resident happy, but we can assure you that we will be doing our best to work for the best future for our wonderful County.

To achieve this goal, we have set some key objectives. We need clear focus, as we cannot achieve everything at once,

Key Objectives

New homes – sustainable locations, 30% affordable, 80% three bedrooms or less – the right homes in the right places. With the withdrawal of the Local Plan, we are in a challenging position, and we have lost a lot of control over where new housing developments are located, but we will work to help deliver a new Local Plan at the earliest opportunity that will secure the future of our residents and provide the homes that our young residents need.

Medical facilities –We will ensure that  Primary Care Task and Finish Group recommendations are implemented, seek detailed plans for the enhancement of Rutland Memorial Hospital and work with the Health and Wellbeing Board to improve the patient experience at our local GP practices including seeking an upgrade of facilities at Empingham and Stamford surgeries. We are concerned that the change in the Scrutiny Committee structure will result in slower progress, but we will push for action now.

Speeding in villages – Seek revision of Highways and Transport Working Group terms of reference to involve non-cabinet member(s) and implement a “Rutland Speedwatch”. This is a serious issue across our County, and it is now time for less rhetoric and promises but real action.

Government funding – Put pressure on the Cabinet and our MP to act on funding. Work to deliver the required cost savings for 2023/24. Rutland has one of the highest council taxes in the country, and there is still increasing pressure on some of our key services. RCC is incredibly efficient despite our small size but is being let down by a lack of central government funding such that Rutland and many rural communities are suffering.

Better and more regular engagement with residents (and members). We need to listen more and be clearer on what we are doing as a Council. Dialogue is two ways. We can’t always give you the answers you want, but we can be more transparent about why these decisions are made. RCC is too much like a black box, and with more clarity, we can show residents that we are all working for a better future.

Oakham Town centre improvements – it is now time for our County town to shine once more. There are funds available, but simply there is no plan in place to make this happen. We as a group will push for improvements and look for all parties to work together for a better Oakham. Uppingham is a shining light of what is possible both in terms of the ambiance of the High Street and the pride involvement of local businesses and residents in the town .

We also hear your concerns about fuel poverty and the cost-of-living crisis. We must ensure arrangements are in place no later than this autumn to support and safeguard those suffering most from the cost of living pressures due to rising utility and other costs.

Now is not the time to be involved in political squabbles This is the reason why we have stepped away from a central political based alliance and will look to work with all groups on the Council for a brighter future for Rutland.

Let’s work together