Council Tax and support for residents

Rutland County Council is being asked by Cabinet to approve an increase in Council Tax of 4.99%. This is 2% for Adult Social Care and 2.99% for the main council tax.

Given the concern expressed by many residents regarding the cost of living crisis and the severe impact it is having on their personal household budgets, we felt it only appropriate to scrutinise the proposed increases very carefully.

We have worked tirelessly to see where any reductions can be made in the budget, and we have identified several items which we feel can be reduced. The details of this can be seen on our website shortly.

We are proposing that the Council varies its approach to support those in need but who are not claiming Local Council Tax Support. We would like the Council to approve an additional £20,000 to support those residents who are currently struggling to meet their Council Tax Payments.

Together4Rutland wish to propose an amendment at the meeting for the Council Tax Rise to be capped at 3%,  made up of 2% for Adult Social Care and 1% for the main council tax.

However, we cannot do this on our own. The fate of Rutland Residents is in your hands – Please contact your ward member to discuss the various options open to the council.