Council Tax 2023/24

Earlier this month, Rutland County Council issued a statement about their plans to achieve financial sustainability, which basically means balancing their books by 2027/28 (details can be found on this link)

The original paper put forward by the Cabinet was requesting council approve a maximum rise in council tax for the next 5 years. Together 4 Rutland supported a motion to overturn this and remain with the existing policy for setting council tax in February of each year. We are concerned in the in the current climate an automatic tax increase at the maximum allowed by government would be a large burden on residents without considering the implication each year.

Fortunately, this amendment was agreed and Council will be discussing what the budget should look like, including the Council Tax level, between now and the end of February.

We would like to hear the views of you, the taxpayers of Rutland, as to what level of Council Tax increase you would believe to be appropriate recognising that the Council is facing  increases in demand for many of its services and inflationary increases which the Council is facing like many of you. That could range from 0% to the maximum allowed by government of 5%.

The Council, regardless of the Council Tax increase, needs to find further savings and the sooner the better. So which areas of Council expenditure would like to see cut, remembering that we a legal duty to the community to deliver services such as Adult and Children’s Social Care, Road Maintenance, Buses to transport children to school, etc.

Together 4 Rutland were formed to take politics out of Rutland, and want to do what is best for residents, not just to win votes. We fully understand the pressure households are under and will work tirelessly for the best outcome for all.

We want to hear your views, so get in touch.