Letter of Support to Cabinet

Yesterday we wrote to the new Leader of Rutland County Council wishing them well in their new roles, and our full support in areas we feel of greatest importance to Rutland residents. We are looking forward to working with the new alliance to deliver the best for the residents of Rutland.

Dear Lucy,

On behalf of T4R, we would like to wish the new Cabinet all success over the coming 10 months. There are many hurdles in front of you, but we trust that with this new alliance, you can make a real difference for Rutland’s residents.

We are sure you will be pleased to hear that the T4R Group will support all actions that the Cabinet take to address what we see as the main concerns of residents. The principal concern is obviously delivering the required cost savings, and we have every faith in and fully support the work Karen is undertaking, and look forward to being part of this process.

Next and maybe number one in the eyes of residents is planning. We all understand the position we are in, but ask that the new Cabinet should make a clear statement about the current position around uncontrolled development before the new Local Plan is put in place. We are pleased to hear that Cabinet will be considering an Interim Planning Statement although we are disappointed to learn that it has been put back to the June Cabinet meeting in the Forward Plan. In our opinion, the approval of this statement needs to be the next highest priority after the savings. What is clear, we need strong planning leadership to ensure we maintain what control we do have.

Our physical infrastructure, especially medical facilities are under the greatest strain, and we support any move to deliver that much needed Infrastructure as quickly as possible. Again a clear statement to the residents of Rutland would be welcomed by everyone.

Finally, when considering the findings of the recent Primary Care T&F group, we are keen to understand the progress of the Group’s recommendations following the adoption by the Rutland Health and Wellbeing Board.

With best wishes

Gordon Brown
June Fox
Paul Ainsley
Nick Begy