Launch of Vision and Objectives

Today, just 7 days since being created, Together4Rutland has launched its vision and key objectives which can be found at Vision and Objectives

The Vision will be to work with all the Councillors and Officers in the County Council to deliver quality, efficient services.

Our immediate and key objectives are

      • Housing in the right place and the right size for young families
      • Medical Facilities to meet the needs of residents across the County
      • Seek the Council to deliver speed reduction measures in our towns and villages
      • Continue to push the central government for improved funding to help protect services and deliver the new services required by law.
      • Better engagement with you our residents.
      • To seek improvements to the appearance of Oakham High Street
      • Make sure we are prepared to support those most affected by the cost of living increases

We will continue to develop our ideas and if you want to hear more please sign up to our Facebook page at Together4Rutland