Call for Candidates

Together 4 Rutland was formed out disillusionment of the direction in which local and national politics were travelling. Too many politicians were thinking of themselves first not the country and not our county. We do not feel this has changed as we continue with a Council failing to make the difficult decisions required in these difficult times.

We want to make a difference, and we simply want what is best for Rutland and it’s residents. As a Group, we are constantly challenging policies and decisions and questioning if this is the best future for our community.

Next May you have the chance to be part of that process. You have the chance to make a real difference. May 2023 will see elections for a new Council within Rutland, and we would like to hear from like minded individuals to stand and help us make Rutland a better place.

You really can make a difference for your community and Rutland, and we would love the opportunity to discuss how you can join us to make this happen.

If you are interested, please email us at, so we can contact you to talk you through what being a county councillor is all about, and answer any questions.

You can make a difference, but by being involved can you make a better future happen.

June Fox   Nick Begy   Paul Ainsley