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At a Glance Guide to Cost of Living Support 2022

Should you require further assistance or have any questions then please contact Citizens Advice Rutland.

Name of payment How much?
All are grants
Who is eligible? When and How?
Energy Bills Support Scheme £400 per household


All households with a domestic electricity meter Via energy suppliers

over 6 months from

October 2022.

Direct debit and

credit customers money

credited to their account.

Pre-payment meter Customers – money applied to their meter or paid via a voucher.

Pensioner Cost of Living Payment £300 per



(8 million pensioners)

Must be over State Pension age (aged 66 or above) between 19 – 25/9/2022 and be receiving the

Winter Fuel Payment.


Automatically as a top-up to the annual Winter Fuel Payment in November/ December 2022.


For most pensioner

households, this will

be paid by direct debit.

Cost of



£650 per


(paid in 2

instalments of £325)

(8 million households)

Households on certain means tested benefits (see below) as at 25/5/2022 for the first instalment.

Entitlement date for the second instalment will be announced.

Means Tested Benefits:

Universal Credit

Or 5 Legacy Benefits (JSA(IB), ESA(IR)/

IS/ WTC/ CTC) or

Pension Credit


Automatically paid

by the DWP in 2

instalments, the

first in July 2022 and

the second in

Autumn 2022.

HMRC will pay a little

after this to avoid




Cost of




£150 per



(6 million claimants)

Claimants on DLA/ PIP/ AA/ Scottish Disability Benefits/ Armed Forces Independence Payment/ Constant Attendance

Allowance/ War Pension Mobility Supplement

at 25/5/2022

Automatically in September 2022.
Council Tax



£150 per



For households in England in Council Tax bands A-D. (most households)


Those who pay Council Tax by direct debit will be paid

automatically into their bank accounts from April 2022.

Those who do not pay by direct debit will be contacted by Rutland County Council and invited to make a claim.


Support Fund




Amounts – discretionary

An extra £500 million of local support, via the Household Support Fund, will be extended from this October to March 2023. See the following FAQ for further details and how to apply.


5 Year Housing Supply and Uncontrolled Developments

Rutland County Council published their updated report on the County’s 5 Year housing Supply which can be found on the link

It is encouraging to note that, despite our general pessimism, the 5-year supply has improved to 4.1 years leaving us about 129 homes short to meet the 5-year target. However, in looking at the development sites included in the calculation, there is a significant number of homes which are missing where applications have been approved by the RCC Planning Committee, but because the Sect 106 agreements have yet to be finalised with the developers, these developments cannot be included in the calculations.

The sites in question are

Location Application Number Net Housing Comment
The Crescent, Ketton 2020/1262/MAF 15 Additional homes not in 5 yr supply calculation
Luffenham Rd, Ketton 2021/0751/MAO 16 A/w Sect 106
Park Rd, Ketton 2020/0942/OUT 75 At appeal – not to be contested
Whissendine 2021/1263/OUT 66 A/w Sect 106
Braunston Rd South Oakham 202/1473/MAO 62 A/w Sect 106
Langham East 2021/1334/RES 18 A/w Sect 106
Langham west 2021/1423/MAO 50 A/w Sect 106
 Uppingham Road, Oakham 2021/0794/MAF  80  A/w Sect 106
Total 382


If only one-third of the above homes could be delivered by the end of the 5-year period, we would be very close, if not ahead of the 5-year requirement.

T4R has proposed to the Portfolio Holder Cllr Rosemary Powell and RCC Director of Places, that in the best interests of the County, extra resources should be added to the Council’s Planning team to ensure that all the above Sect 106 agreements are completed as quickly as possible and certainly before the next time the 5-Year housing supply is calculated in September this year. This will then allow us to revert to the Local Plan spatial strategy and significantly reduce the risk of inappropriate development

We have also proposed that a new agenda item be included at future Planning Committee meetings to report progress towards the completion of Sect 106 agreements on all major applications.